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                                                 The American Academy Of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
                                                  The American College Of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology
                                                 The New Jersey Allergy Society
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Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Shah was great in every way. She was so very kind & caring, very knowledgeable and a great listener. Answered all of my questions, not rushed during entire visit. Loved that. Great bed-side manner. Highly recommend her. This of course was my first visit. Made me very Comfortable to contact her if I have a problem."


"Staff was friendly, office clean, appointment was quick and helpful"

"Doctor Southern is a great doctor and a great guy. He just simply cares about his patients. His nurses always call you back on time and are very sweet, he never keeps you waiting long and then takes the time to talk to you in his office after your appointment to make sure there are no further questions and you leave the office 100% educated and understanding what is going on! "


"Doctor Sikorski is a very friendly, thorough, and caring doctor. She does whatever it takes to get you in to see her (even if that means staying late or not taking her full lunch). I had horrible skin issues for years that no one could fix... after seeing Dr. Sikorski I was feeling better in weeks! She did the Patch testing and found exactly what was causing my rashes! I can't thank her enough!"


"Dr C is the BEST doctor I've ever encountered. Intelligent, compassionate, and thorough. The process of identifying my allergies, followed by her specific instructions for treating these allergies and asthma has been LIFE CHANGING. No more asthma related ER visits, bi-yearly bouts of bronchitis, and have sidestepped the flu for several years, largely by following Dr C's thorough treatment plan. She really knows her stuff, and makes me feel both relieved and blessed to have such an excellent doctor among those medical professionals I count as my "health care provider" -- she literally lives up to such a description. She provides her knowledge, cares about her patients, and as a result I have my health. This high quality service is really lacking amongst other drs I've encountered; if more docs provided this level of excellence, I bet there'd be less complaints about the cost of healthcare. "

"Dr. Caucino is the best doctor I have ever visited bar none. She is insightful, thorough, knowledgeable about all areas of internal medicine, allergy, immunology, pharmacology, and general health. She always has a positive attitude and respects me as her private patient. She also runs an efficient and courteous staff of nurses and administrators who answer my questions and follow up appropriately. I highly recommend Dr. Caucino - she is the expert's expert."

"I love Dr. Caucino and can't imagine what my life would be like without her. She's really works hard to be available to her patients...even when she has to work a longer day to do so. Dr. Caucino's has amazing clinical abilities in that she's a terrific problem-solver and is always working hard to make my life with asthma more manageable. She has great breadth of knowledge when it comes to asthma and allergies, is heavily involved with the research going on in her practice, and she keeps abreast of new developments in her field. She's also positive and encouraging, which is so important to me when I'm going through a rough patch. Her demeanor makes me feel like I'm in incredibly good hands. The office staff and nurses in her practice are top-notch...skilled and compassionate...which makes for a friendly and efficiently run office. "

"My children have been a patient of Dr. Skolnick's for years. Dr. Skolnick is very caring for patients & family members. She has changed my family's life! Thank you!"

"I am so thankful that I got in to see Dr. Skolnick. My daughter has a severe egg allergy and my pediatrician could only advise us to get an epi pen. Dr. Skolnick helped us figure out an egg free diet and put our minds at ease that we can handle this allergy. "

Sara P

"Excellent physician(Doctor Pedinoff) and staff. Helped improve my life. Can't thank him enough"

"Today was my first visit at the Skillman Office and Dr. Pedinoff and the staff are so friendly and professional. Everyone that I spoke with was very personable and courteous! You guys are the BEST!!! I greatly appreciate the environment that you all have created - that makes a huge difference for patients and each other."

Albert Brown

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